The value of Flexibility
SaaS vs. On-premises
At Doxee, our mission is to deliver customizable, industrial-strength, mission-critical solutions in a flexible, modular yet extremely secure package. Customers have a choice between employing Doxee platform as a service (SaaS) or deploying it on-premises, behind the enterprise firewall.

On-premises vs. Managed Services:

Which model will you choose?

Employing its modular architecture and SaaS nature, enterprises have been deploying Doxee Enterprise Communications Platform in two distinct ways:


1. On-premises: This is the typical deployment model for enterprises large and small that like to keep their customer communication operation mostly in-house. With an on-premises, in-house deployment of the Doxee platform, users can benefit from using their own internal IT security, user access management and other corporate policies, eliminating all worries that may have for an outsourced solution.


2. Managed Services: Fromprint service bureaus to financial service providers, many of our client organizations in BPO and service bureau sectors deploy Doxee platform in their own server farms and employ it to deliver data management, document production and other related services to their end users.


Doxee's unique licensing model provides unmatched flexibilty and choice to the user. Always including the support of unlimited number of users and never requiring a workstation install, Doxee platform services-based architecture allows significant cost savings both in on-going maintenance & support as well as in future exercise of any scalability options.


Whether you are an enterprise with a limited number of users looking to keep full control of all aspects of your CCM system, or a service bureau with thousands of internal as well as external users of your CCM services, Doxee delivers the right platform with the right security features for the right price.


To learn more about our unique licensing model or more, Contact one of the Doxee offices today.