Cariparma Crédit Agricole is the #1 banking group in France by assets. As one of the most prominent retail banks in Europe, it’s also a European leader in the banking and insurance sectors.


Since 2010, Cariparma Crèdit Agricole group has been employing Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform to manage its customer communication from its bank subsidiaries in Italy.

Fast Facts on Cariparma:
  • A retail banking leader in France and one of the primary bank groups across Europe

  • 11.500 branches around the world
  • € 3.6 billion net profit for 2010
  • 54 million customers worldwide
  • 160, 000 employees
  • Presence in 70 countries around the world

The Challenge:
  • Enabling direct electronic channels: email, home banking
  • Flexibility in managing the various printing providers and in the composition of communications
  • Reduce maintenance costs of communications
  • Content personalization of customer communications
  • Enhancing production monitoring and reporting
  • Improving service levels of production information
  • The Doxee Solution:
  • Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform to manage all the communication needs
  • Independance from printing and delivery providers
  • The whole document production is managed by Doxee in full outsourcing
  • Evolutionary maintenance service for all the document types
  • Doxee Platform services cover the entire document production line

The Results:
  • Achievement of the project without impact on existing systems
  • Model solution mixed ASP / SaaS with the possibility of sourcing
  • Flexibility in managing multiple providers through a single printing solution

  • Clustering communication for the clients (document, format, channel)
  • Optimization of service levels at 36h E2E (70% reduction)
  • Low maintenance costs with visual content and collaborative tools
  • Availability of advanced proofing, QA, document process monitoring and reporting