Managed Print Services

In the MPS business, one size never fits all. To fulfill the unique requirements of each and every customer, choose a platform that is as versatile as your services portfolio.

Managed Print Services - Case studies

Managed print services providers have always had specific requirements for data management and document production.

With printing industry growing, the MPS providers start offering more vertical services to the clients, such as data cleansing and transformation, document composition, management of the distribution and the cloud computing services.

Doxee has collaborated with multiple MPS providers to offer end-to-end solutions in the banking industry, telecommunication industry and others. This has brought bigger profit margins to the MPS providers and cost savings to the clients.

Delivering customer communication, production print and fulfilment services to over 250 banks, Ciscra was looking to expand client base and increase ROI from its existing clients without increasing staff.
Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform enabled Ciscra to increase its output 4X while keeping the staff and infrastructure investment to the minimum.