Over a dozen telecoms serving 100 million+ wireless and wireline subscribers of across the globe employ Doxee communication solutions.
Telecom - Case studies

Telecom Italia                                                  
"Using XML across the board, Doxee has enabled us to connect our customer communications systems with our compliance, finance and accounting systems. This has opened for us a whole new world of cross-promotional opportunities that were simply never available to us before".

Enrico Rocino, Billing & Credit Software Factory, Telecom Italia.


Tre Italia                                                                                          
"Thanks to Doxee Enterprise Communication platform multichannel distribution and multiprovider configuration in Three we were able to reduce our costs and enhance customer satisfaction; and moreover we are free to change the process configuration (feeding different providers) whenever we need”.

Federico Sala, Revenue Process, Three.

"I would like to continue working in partnership with Doxee to identify and manage a broader E2E context obtaining".

Lorenzo Bova, Operation Manager, Fastweb.


WIND used Doxee’s document composition tools to consolidate all outbound customer communication pieces. This resulted in substantial operational cost efficiency and a high ROI on customer support investments.

 Doxee Telecom Solutions: 3 Italia Case Study


Doxee Telecom Solutions: Fastweb Case Study