Tracking and Reporting

From customer data parsing and transformation through Document Composition and Production to Multichannel Delivery, Doxee tracks each and every customer record as it passes through the system. Doxee's Tracking & Reporting system is a one-of-a-kind, enterprise-wide report generating and business intelligence management system that takes report generation to a new level.

Always custom configured to meet the unique reporting needs of each and every enterprise, Tracking & Reporting system translates a company's SLA responsibilities into metrics that reports are configured against. Every reporting cycle generates information that the enterprise can use to negotiate and achieve better print services rates, discounted mailing costs and improved delivery rates. It is a one-stop shop for all your BI and reporting needs.





Key Features:
  • Job monitoring: integrated monitoring tool for job status discovery
  • Advanced status search down to a single document for a single customer allows improved customer support
  • Open standards and SOA model allows seamless integration and unlimited customization of user interfaces, supporting international languages, corporate policies and compliance guidelines
  • Complete customization of tracking, reporting and maintenance setup through an SLA (service license agreement) approach enables enterprises to tailor the tracking system to their own environments
  • Reports into quality assurance systems on rate of success and failure, allowing improvement in customer communication performance
  • Analyses and delivers performance reports on each print provider, enabling enterprises to negotiate better rates based on performance
  • Cost reporting to accounting department in order to check print and postal provider invoices