Find out Doxee Success Stories in the Utilities industry.

Utilities - Case Studies

Gaz de France - Suez                                           
“Since the deployment of Doxee enterprise suite, we have experienced significant and quantifiable financial gains through the reduction of infrastructure costs across our numerous functional areas. Achieving such financial gains and still improving customer satisfaction ratings is a win-win for all of our departments”.

Stefano Fumi, Operations and Inbound Sales Manager, Gaz de France.

Enel Romania

Enel is the second largest utilities provider in Europe. A successful merger and acquisition approach has seen Enel develop for a domestic player to a regional powerhouse, fast developing into a global leader. Needless to say, Enel's customer communication requirements are varied and complex. Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform has provided Enel Romania with a domestic solution that translates equally well across international borders.

Doxee Utilities Solutions: Gaz de France Case Study