Ciscra is part of the SPREAFIN group of companies specialized in providing 360 degree banking services ranging from everything related to customer communication all the way to the supplier’s pen and gadgets.


"We have started looking for a partner to solve the document management issue, and our choice was Doxee primarily because Doxee had experience in this field which is a result of many years of dealing with such activities. We are impressed by Doxee service methodology and through our experience we found the Doxee team to be of the highest quality and the services delivered matched our expectations and requirements". 

Claudia Podestà, General Manager, Ciscra. 

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Fast Facts on Ciscra:
  • 45 years of activity
  • Serves about 259 banks
  • Its clients are large and small banks with about 120 branches
  • Leader in design and printing of checks, passbooks and certificates of deposit

The Challenge:
  • The number of unique documents to manage for each bank is very high, even up to 100/120 templates
  • Many of these templates are similar, but not identical, therefore there was a need to handle those differences
  • Significant postage costs for Ciscra’s clients
  • Strict SLA requirements to fulfill, as all the documents that a bank is required to deliver to the customer must arrive on time
  • The Doxee Solution:
  • Document composition and production
  • Multichannel Distribution
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Document aggregation by grouping multiple documents in the same envelope

The Results:
  • Significant savings in postage costs
  • Document aggregation and a consequent reduced number of envelopes
  • Multichannel document distribution
  • Flexibility in document design
  • Valued-added customer communication