Data Management

In today’s highly interactive, on-demand and increasingly paperless environment, data is king. Customers are willing to share their personal information with businesses but in return, they expect interactive and on-demand services with high levels of personalization.

Doxee Data Management provides a highly customizable platform that delivers Data Management capabilities across enterprise departmental borders. Offering a choice between on-premises install vs. hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, Doxee Data Management are flexible enough to meet all of your data management needs.

  • Data parsing, transformation, manipulation, cleansing and validation
  • Native XML authoring for separation of data management from document composition which simplifies content development, reuse and repurposing
  • Zero-scripting interface for advanced business rules definition employing complex arithmetic and Boolean logic
  • Multiple input data sources with any-to-any format transformation capabilities
  • Automated XML schema development
  • Open architecture for seamless integration with CRM, ERP and other business-critical applications

  • Standardized development and testing cycles for better, faster and cheaper job rotation
  • Data project development based on function libraries and prebuilt, modular objects
  • Focuses attention on business rules instead of algorithms, increasing the added value of formatting activities, increasingly perceived as a commodity
  • Execution is controlled by server-side "core" structure that delivers unlimited scalability
  • Collaboration engine allows corporate guidelines incorporation
  • Web form data capture and Multi-platform support
  • Advanced sort, merge and split functions