Companies will be jointly exhibiting at Doxnet in Baden-Baden from June 23-25 to present Doxee Platform’s new innovative interactive document features

First-of-a-kind platform aims to revolutionize enterprise communication and business document production by leveraging Cloud and Software-as-a-Service approach to enterprise customer applications.

May 13 - 15, 2014  Hyatt Regency - Greenwich - Connecticut - USA

Doxee – Booth #210 

Paris  - March 26th  and 27th , 2014

Booth number E19 - CNIT Paris la Défense

Doxee and Cloud CCM, its exclusive distributor in France, Benelux, Switzerland Romandie, North Africa and Romania, will be showcasing Doxee Platform at Documation, one of the French major events dedicated to managing documents and information.

By Clarence Macaspac

In the 80's, with the risk of betraying my age, there was a TV series that featured a retired intelligence operative who offered his skills to the downtrodden and oppressed populace of a city. It starred the late British actor Edward Woodward who I thought was strange and out of place while he used his James Bondish skills in the streets of Main Street U.S.A. While nonetheless entertaining, in the genre of good over evil, the show presupposes that, with the help of just one person, dire situations become manageable, or at least hopeful.