Fastweb is one of the most prominent telecommunications providers in Italy. The company offers a wide range of integrated services to families including wireless and wireline phone, data and TV services. Fastweb also offers advanced business services to all market segments including public authorities, large organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises, professionals, sohos, universities and research institutes.


"The possibility to use the bill not only as a communication channel, but also as a marketing channel for advertising purposes is very imporant for us. This has opened the door for a lot of other possibilities in additional services that doxee has allowed to explore, adopt and offer to our customers."

Lorenzo Bova, Operation Manager, Fastweb.

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Fast Facts on Fastweb:
  • First company in the world to launch the IPTV (internet protocol television) service since 2001
  • 2011 revenues: €1,740 million
  • 1,600,000 clients
  • Has invested over € 5 billion in a new-generation fiber optics network spanning more than 32,000 km
  • 3,400 employees
  • The fiber optics network of fastweb is the widest in europe
  • Technological leadership in broadband access in italy

The Challenge:
  • Re-engineering of invoice generation process
  • Content collaboration management for communication and marketing issues
  • Integrated bill audit process
  • Profiling the process related to the business
  • Raise the digital delivery mode to send invoices
  • The Doxee Solution:
  • Orientation to the identification and management of new business opportunities
  • Management of the communication chain through an ousourcing service model
  • Customization of 6 different production processes
  • Management of the delivery chain through several channels: mail, email/PEC, web publishing
  • Fiscal copy generation, re-print management, legal archiving, dunning process on a single account status

The results:
  • Substantial cost savings in print and mail documents (12%)
  • Less inbound calls for un-delivered invoice (15%)
  • Increased customer fidelity and satisfaction
  • Better time to market for customer communication needs
  • E2E time reduction on critical customer cluster (10%)
  • Different production process by unique solution of communication
  • Less (zero) printing cost for printing annexes (15%)
  • Better provider control