Multichannel Distribution

Doxee Multichannel Distribution services provide an integrated environment for delivering personalized messages to customers through email, web and other digital channels.


Notebook, tablet and smartphone

Just like Doxee Data Management and Document Composition & Production, Doxee’s Multichannel Distribution engine provides freedom in the choice of server configuration and physical location, allowing for a seamless integration with existing enterprise customer support locations worldwide. Whether your call centers are in Boise, Birmingham or Bangalore, Doxee’s distribution services deliver cost efficiencies and improved ROI.

Key Features:
  • Integrated email design: HTML, rich text or text - all fully supported
  • Personlized URLs (PURLs): auto-generated and embedded in emails
  • PDF statement: customer chooses to attach with email or view online
  • Centralized, automated management of multichannel output
  • Supported channels: print, web, email, sms, fax, FTP, sFTP
  • Error reporting: undelivered emails reported immediately