Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform
Enterprise Document Production and Customer Communication Management
Delivering end-to-end customer communication, engagement and experience management through an extensive portfolio of enterprise services.

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Doxee Enterprise Communications Platform is a communication engine designed for engaging, acquiring and serving business customers. 
For the business user, Doxee provides an extensive portfolio of services to manage every aspect of customer communication. From highly personlized, cross-media marketing  campaigns to business intelligence reports based on real-time customer feedback, Doxee platform is the one-stop-shop for customer communication and experience management. 
For the technology user, Doxee delivers an Enterprise Software-as-a-Service (ESaaS) based platform that provides zero-scripting, web-based, enterprise-wide services for mission critical applications. By hosting its platform within the enterprise environment, Doxee delivers all the benefits of a true SaaS solution without the risks and costs normally associated with legacy and cloud systems.