Sky is the first Italian television platform to broadcast in HD and in 3D, and offers a package of fifty HD channels and a channel dedicated to programs in 3D. Sky Italy is part of the 100% by News Corporation.


“By adopting a comprehensive multiprovider (both in printing and in mail delivery) approach the company achieved a 20% saving while reducing end to end communication process lead time and reducing inbound calls from customers not receiving documents. Doxee platform was the key”.

Alessandro Poma, Senior Buyer & Project Manager, Financial Services, Sky.

Fast Facts on Sky Tv:
  • Core business: Italian digital pay tv
  • 5,030,000 subscribers
  • 2.972 billion euro revenues in 2010
  • New model of entertainment
  • The television audience is estimated to be over 15 million viewers
  • More than 190 digital channels and pay per view
  • Over 39 thousand hours of television programs produced themselves
The Challenge:
  • Improve graphics quality
  • Introduce marketing and promotional messages with transactional content
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Business rules management
  • Avoid single provider “lock-in”
  • Print and mailing cost savings through document optimization
  • Reduce ”time to market” of new products and services
  • Adoption of process control tools
  • The Doxee Solution:
  • Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform helped Sky to realize its strategic initiatives
  • Possibility to apply one hundred business rules and choose the proper message for the invoice communication area
  • All relevant data of a single client are used to identify his profile and choose the document layout according to the Marketing specifications
  • All bills and credit notes of the same customer are merged into one single document
  • Consideration of the customer's preference of the delivery channel (physical or electronical)
  • Production and delivery can be done simultaneously by multiple providers, thus reducing the delivery time

The Results:
  • High value TransPromo capabilites in document composition
  • Simplified content management
  • Better "time to market" on change management
  • Reduced requests for IT expertise through an intuitive interface for business users
  • Multichannel communication from a single source
  • Single platform serving all customer communication and internal reporting needs