Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA, founded in 1997, is one of the few operators in Europe to offer integrated fixed and mobile telecommunication services and Internet services. Wind was the first Italian operator to launch MMS and video over GPRS handsets and also the first to launch an online trading service via WAP. It is now the third largest Italian mobile telecom service operator.

Fast Facts on Wind:
  • 21.0 million subscribers in 2011
  • Leading alternative provider of fixed-line services in Italy with more than 3.14 million voice customers in 2011

  • More than 21,500 kilometers of optical fiber backbone to 4,500 kilometers of MAN

  • Extensive and innovative mobile network consisting of more than 13,000 radio base stations and more than 10,000 Node B related to the UMTS coverage. Coverage outside Italy is provided by more than 450 roaming agreement

The Challenge:
  • Absence of a structured enterprise solution for CRM outbound communication
  • A single process and a single infrastructure are not related to the particular customer segment
  • Only one solution for template management, logic implementation and information kit production for all outbound communication
  • Design the multiple delivery
  • Review the process in order to reduce actors, suppliers, interaction, information format exchange
  • Lower cost and better "time to market" for change management
  • Only one master catalogue for template definition
  • Introduce dynamic template in order to avoid template proliferation (increase of complexity)
  • High cost of change management and the management of different solutions for massive and on-demand production
  • The Doxee Solution:
  • One internal solution for any communication needs (massive, on-demand POS)
  • QA and audit tools
  • Full process reporting and monitoring
  • Collaboration in document lifecycle management

The Results:
  • Better template organization and resource sharing
  • Better communication design and change management
  • Closer collaboration between ALM actors
  • Scalable solution
  • Better time to market on change management (CRM release)
  • Easy extension to billing platform